Studio Zanobetti is organized, structured and specialized in the following domains

Fiscal, accounting and
commercial domain

We can offer full advice and assistance in tax law and commercial law as well as in doing accounts and in all the fulfilments by CCIAA.
We also can provide advice for the search and the application of taxable and fiscal breaks.
  • Tax and administrative advice.
  • General accountancy and VAT.
  • Plans of fiscal planning.
  • Fiscal returns.
  • Fulfillments in direct, indirect and local taxes, including on line payments.
  • Correction of tax return.

Corporate and
strategic domain

Thanks to our experience and our qualification as auditors, we offer advice and assistance in fiscal, commercial and strategic domain, expecially in case of setting up, refinement, sale or dissolution of joint stock companies.
  • Capital raising transactions, bonds issues, debt securities and financial instruments.
  • Purchase and sale of firms and participations, lease of companies and/or lease of company branches with the related set of forms.
  • Evidences and assessments of companies, company branches and single goods.
  • extraordinary interventation as merger, demerger, contribution, transfer of companies and leveraged buyout transaction.
  • Economic, financial and wealth planning.
  • Insolvency procedure and judicial as well as extrajudicial restructuring plan.
  • Auditing.

Tax assessments

Studio Zanobetti has developed a strong experience in giving help on commercial and civil law, real estate and contract matters as well as on financial advice; it claims a settled tradition in the management of legal dispute and arbitration
  • Tax assessments.
  • Report on findings, invitations to cross examination, tax assessment settlements, official tax audit reports.
  • Tax cases at the provincial and regional tax Commission.
  • Tie-ups with the financial administration during the pre-contentious and contentious phase.
  • Arbitration both as client’s advocate in the procedure and as auditors.
  • Controversies based on the responsability of social bodies, validation and contesting of  resolutions of assembly concerning the approval of the statements too, procedings out of art. 2049 of the italian Civil Code, disputes concerning the dissolution and liquidation of a company.


Soged Services Srl completes the activities of the Studio focusing on accountancy, on the making of fiscal declarations and on the related company and tax compliances.